Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction Service

Whether you have a large industrial renovation or a single tenant ‘build to suit’ or ground up project, Flexcor can assist you in delivering your project on time and within your budget parameters. We have expert team members that we work with that can facilitate everything from planning, design and budgeting to permitting and project delivery. We like to remind our potential clients that Flexcor often brings a competitive value edge to projects that are renovations and intensive remodels due to the fact that we perform all of our site, and selective demolition in house, as well as carrying significant advantages when lead, asbestos and hazardous material abatement are required.

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Commercial Construction

Some Recent Projects

P-1310 AMMUNITION SUPPLY POINT UPGRADE (PHASE 2) MCB CAMP PENDLETON – Demolition, Asbestos and Lead abatement, Design-Build Renovate Barrack Bldgs 774/777, Naval Air base North Island, D/B Repair Bachelors Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) Bldg 5698/5697, MCAS Miramar, NBPL B24 Renovate Various Rooms to support LVC, Naval Base Pt. Loma, D/B PE1712M/R Repair BEQ & PE15222M Repair Channel @ B53451, Camp Pendleton