Jake Mitten

Jake Mitten Comes to Flexcor after graduating from USD with a bachelor’s degree in business administrations with an Emphasis in Marketing. Jake is a local San Diegan who attended Cathedral Catholic HS. After High school Jake attended the University of Utah and played football for the Utes. Jake Transferred to USD and continued to play football and Rugby for the Torero’s.

With a background in sports Jake possess an unmatched work ethic and Team first mentality. Jakes enthusiasm and ability the Think outside the box brings new energy to Flexcor Construction Services.

We are very excited to see Jake grow in the Demolition/Abatement industry and want to congratulate him on his unmatched will to succeed.

Jake is a person whose life revolves around a trifecta of fulfilling hobbies. One of his greatest joys is spending quality time playing with his loyal canine companion.

Jake channels his passion for football into coaching. His commitment to the sport goes beyond the field, as he imparts valuable skills and life lessons to the players under his guidance. Jake’s coaching style is characterized by a blend of discipline, encouragement, and a genuine love for the game, fostering an environment where teamwork and personal growth flourish.

However, Jake’s altruistic spirit doesn’t stop at the football field. He actively seeks opportunities to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Whether it’s offering a helping hand to a neighbor, volunteering in the community, or providing mentorship, Jake consistently strives to be a source of support for those around him.